Impromptuu is a mobile application that finds time for people to talk on the phone, like a personal operator, while you continue with your day. Save time and frustration by speaking to the people you need when you need to speak to them. Impromptuu helps busy people connect.


the Top 5 reasons you need impromptuu!

  1. Your time is valuable.
  2. Finding slivers of availability in someone else's calendar is not your idea of fun.
  3. Trying to organize same-day discussions with two or more managers at the same time often seems impossible. 
  4. You are in daily back-to-back meetings with limited time for on-the-spot conversations.
  5. You do not find endless rounds of 'phone-tag' trying to get a colleague or partner on the phone useful.

Use Impromptuu to end your days of 'Hallway Lurking' and 'Office Stalking'.